Nihilumbra by Beautifun Games, a company set up by former students of the Master’s Degree in Videogames at UPC School, receives critical acclaim and two awards

Former students of the Master’s Degree in Videogame Design and Creation, Kevin Cerdà, Aniol Alcaraz, Pol Urós, Lourdes Nicolich and Freya Horn, are the professionals behind Beautifun Games and the creators of Nihilumbra. Set up just over one year ago, the first videogame from this company has already received critical acclaim and was given the Public Mention at the 3HMA Awards and Best Videogame 2012 by Generació Digital.

Nihilumbra is a game with a dark and complicated plot based around the story of Born (the protagonist) over whom hangs a terrible curse. His only way to survive is to flee while adapting to a world full of challenges. This videogame, originally made for iOS, is now getting ready for launch on MAC and PC.

Videogame critics and the specialised media have heaped praise on this novel videogame from Beautifun Games, which has achieved a Metacritic Score of 86. Indie Games wrote: “If you have an iOS device, you must play this videogame. There is nothing else to say.” Touch Arcade described it as “impressive”, “fun” and “clever”, eventually giving it 4.5 out of 5 Stars. A critic at Indie Game Magazine wrote that “Nihilumbra isn’t one of the best games for iOS that I’ve played. It’s one of the best videogames that I’ve played”.

Nihilumbra was also the winner in the Public Mention category at the 1st Three Headed Monkey Awards (international videogame awards) and received a prize of 1,500 euros. However, the recognition continued to flood in. In July 2012, it received the Best Videogame Award from Generación Digital, the specialised videogame space on Catalunya Ràdio and Televisió de Catalunya.

This team of students already attracted attention with the project they produced while studying their Master’s Degree. Entitled “The Creature”, it was a highly original idea, fun and well-designed. Check it out for yourself by following this link.