The 4th edition of the Three Headed Monkey Awards received 68 projects, with almost 3,000 votes from the audience. €9,000 were handed out in prizes, for six categories, after the deliberations of a jury of national and international professionals from the industry.

Here is a list of the projects submitted to the 4rd edition of the Three Headed Monkey Awards.

  • Winners

    Song of Horror - Public Mention

    Song of Horror <span style='color:#000'>- Public Mention</span> Play

    Song of Horror is a third person survival horror adventure, inspired by the 1990s classics. Its hallmarks are 100% automated cameras, a powerful narrative, permanent death and 16 playable characters.
    Ignacio Fernández Herrero | Carlos García de la Filia Grupeli | David Navarro Campos
    Manuel López Ibáñez
  • Beyond The Sky - UPC Prize

    Beyond The Sky <span style='color:#000'>- UPC Prize</span> Play

    Beyond The Sky is a 3D platform game inspired by the great Nintendo 64 titles. In the game we meet Skyler, a young woman who must pass a series of tests to become a space explorer, thereby fulfilling her dream.
    Rodrigo Cano Alcaraz | Marta Trenkle Saurina | Sergio Navarro Moreno
    Melanie Roca Grau | Carles Martin Duran
  • Love You to Bits - Prize for the Best Videogame

    Love You to Bits <span style='color:#000'>- Prize for the Best Videogame</span> Play

    LOVE YOU TO BITS is a crazy point-and-click science fiction adventure in space. It traces the journey of a small human whose robot girlfriend has been destroyed. Pieces of her are spread over dozens of planets full of characters, puzzles and objects.
    Marc Terris Meler | Xavi Terris Meler | Enric Jordà Compte
  • Cubzzle - Prize for the Best Mobile Videogame

    Cubzzle <span style='color:#000'>- Prize for the Best Mobile Videogame</span> Play

    Cubzzle is a cubic puzzle. Use your wits to find the solution in the combination of its six faces, and guide our round character around its colourful levels to find the exit.
    Cristina Prim Carol | Marina Díaz García | Guillem Galimany Camps
    Ksenia Klykova
  • Other projects presented


    Paradaim Play

    Paradaim is a dynamic Action-RPG with hints of Roguelike and and a Cellshading aesthetic. It was created by Cristina and Lucas (MoitaPechá) as a Video Games master's degree final project at the University of Malaga.
    Lucas González Planas | Cristina Arbones Pérez
  • Vinedetta

    Vinedetta Play

    Vinedetta is a third person platform game with lots of action, where you take charge of the embodiment of nature that tries to restore a chaotic world in which humans' industrialisation has destroyed nature.
    David Rodriguez Torres | Álvaro Pérez Alarcón | Eduardo Rodríguez
    Aniol Saurina Masó | Pablo Ollervides Unda
  • DUEL

    DUEL Play

    Travel to the wild west and feel all the excitement of challenging someone to a duel at sunset with this simulator in which your mobile phone becomes a revolver.
    Oscar Sahun Reguant | Jose Luís Rodríguez Martínez | Ricard Mestres Jacas
  • Bloodshed

    Bloodshed Play

    Bloodshed is a 2D overhead view shooter in which you have to kill waves of enemies in order to rescue your wife.
    Marc Agüera García | Daniel Moreno Vega
  • Kick or Die

    Kick or Die Play

    It is a TapFighter. Our character is at the centre of the screen and hits out left and right to prevent his enemies from killing him. He also has a special punch that destroys all the enemies displayed on the screen.
    Rafael Carneros González | Ignacio Castiñeyra Jimenez
  • At the Mountains of Madness

    At the Mountains of Madness Play

    At the Mountains of Madness is a 3D first-person Adventure/Horror game based on the eponymous novel by H.P. Lovecraft, currently in development.
    Mikel Villaverde Arranz | Teresa Nogués Burchés
  • The Wallet Games

    The Wallet Games Play

    Help Wall-y the wallet to get past the famous Steam sales. To do this, you will have undergo various tests in the form of Olympic sports. Get the best discounts and discover the bonus trial that we have prepared.
    David Bernad Sanz | Jonathan Prat Guisado | Carlos Carrera Jimenez
    Borja Peinado Sánchez | Joaquin Loscertales Cases
  • Gjallarhorn

    Gjallarhorn Play

    You never thought that this moment will arrive, but here it is before your very eyes. Blow Gjallarhorn, the sacred horn, and let the world know that Ragnarok has started. How long will you be able to resist all those monstrous hordes? Find out!
    David Bernad Sanz | Jonathan Prat Guisado | Carlos Carrera Jimenez
    Borja Peinado Sánchez
  • Rasta Run

    Rasta Run Play

    Players in Rasta Run have to run constantly to get as far as possible and obtain the highest score. To do this they have to avoid obstacles and destroy enemies in different randomly generated areas.
    Guillem Poy Trujillo
  • Super Barista

    Super Barista Play

    Game developed by the indie studio Appnormals Team (the creators of PixelWorld 1 & 2). This is a new twist in the tower-defense genre, including strategy and time management. Frantic, challenging and in pixel art. Highlighted by Apple. ^__^
    Iñaki Diaz Acedo | Dani Moya Teruel
  • Mota

    Mota Play

    This is a one-player 2D Platforms and Puzzles game, set in a fantasy world. The Fire Tribe is reborn from its ashes, and wants to burn down the forest. Our hero must acquire new powers and prevent this from happening.
    Agustín Arizcun Bello | Ayose Méndez López | Elena García Izquier
    Aythami Santana Montesdeoca
  • Broken Puppet

    Broken Puppet Play

    Katherine is the star of a theatre, which has been replaced due to wear and tear. She is furious and decides to regain her lost glory using the power of her reel, which will help her break through and interact with her environment by solving various puzzles.
    Sandra López García | César Cortés Santos | Daniel García Pérez
    Jesús Miguel García Canales | Adrià Lisón Hermida
  • Thirst

    Thirst Play

    We are an alien trapped in a laboratory. They have messed up our DNA with experiments and we need to absorb that of others to avoid dying. By absorbing DNA we also absorb our enemies' powers. We must escape by combining powers and combat.
    Germán Galván Castells | Anna Garcia Prats | Pere Rajadell Guirado
    Pol Rius i Casanellas | Andrés Barrera
  • Wildebeest Revenge

    Wildebeest Revenge Play

    A casual game with a 2D overhead view, which blends action, strategy and skill over 2 worlds with 16 levels each, plus the final showdown. Starring Mr. Niu, a gnu fighting not to become a snack for his predators.
    Sergio González González | Daniel Rico Alonso
  • FreezeME

    FreezeME Play

    FreezeME is a 3D platform game inspired by the Nintendo 64 era with new mechanics! R (the hero) has a camera which he can use to freeze any object that moves in the game for a short period of time.
    Walfrido Abejon Garcia
  • Alchemic Jousts

    Alchemic Jousts Play

    Alchemic Jousts is a 2D strategy game in real time. Command your elementals and support them with a wide variety of skills. Control the battlefield and destroy your opponent in one on one battles.
    Dani Garcia Fornés | Eduardo Martínez Vidal
  • Ether Wars

    Ether Wars Play

    Ether Wars is a game for Android mobile phones featuring the innovative Radial Marksmanship mechanics, which will test your reflexes and coordination. Show off your skills on unlimited levels and three different game modes. Are you ready?
    Timoteo Miller Corona
  • WalkBoy

    WalkBoy Play

    WalkBoy is a 2D Endless Runner that takes us into an exciting time travel adventure. It's about a boy who receives a music player from the future that allows him to travel through different times and places in history with each song.
    Hilarión Luque | Ruben Galera | Alejandro Rodriguez
    Ana Mª Del Pino
  • Steamroll

    Steamroll Play

    Steamroll is an adventure and puzzle game in a Steampunk world. Drive your Scarabeus and design and shoot Steamballs to solve each level and try to survive a mine that is falling apart.
    Jordi Rovira i Bonet | Alexei Lebedev Carceller | Marc Bernatallada Casanovas
  • Northern Lights

    Northern Lights Play

    Northern Lights is a 2D platform game that includes challenges in the form of puzzles. In it we control 2 characters with unique abilities who have to work together to progress.
    Sergio Martínez Martos | Daniel Gómez Haba | Imanol Delgado Salazar
  • Mr. Hairdryer

    Mr. Hairdryer Play

    Mr Hairdryer is a 2D platform game in which the hero is a space explorer who only carries one weapon to help him... a hairdryer. And he travels across hitherto unknown worlds with this simple weapon and his spacesuit.
    Samuel López | Jose Luis Cabellos Gómez | Cecilio Espejo Azarola
  • Finder

    Finder Play

    Immerse yourself in a great adventure of music and colours, helping the world's most famous virtual idol Hatsune Miku© with his presentation at the concert, collect all the scores of the Finder© song that are scattered across the levels.
    Julio Fernando Ulloa de la Ossa | Gonzalo Daniel Ulloa de la Ossa
  • Magnate

    Magnate Play

    Start to build your empire with street deals, improve them, sell them and invest strategically to compete against your friends, creating your own economic empire. Money generates more money. Become a real Magnate.
    Alex Muñoz | Gonzalo Orts | Albert Vives
    Marc Brugue | mateo pereira
  • Where is my Daughter

    Where is my Daughter Play

    A Stealth video game type in which the user takes control of Oblivion Blackmore - a vampire who kidnaps princesses to perform the ritual that maintains its power and immortality.
    Mauricio Betancourt Hurtado
  • Victor El aprendiz de brujo

    Victor El aprendiz de brujo Play

    You're a sorcerer's apprentice and one of your recent spells is out of control, and now you have to prevent all the demons that you have summoned from returning to the sacred fire
    José Mª Martínez Salvador
  • Evolving Planet

    Evolving Planet Play

    The game where strategy becomes science It's the year 3016, and you are the leader of an archaeological expedition to the planet Kepler-1138. Your goal is to discover what happened to the Lovan, alien humanoids who died from unknown causes.
    Xavier Rubio Campillo | Guillem Laborda Cabo | Guillem Hernandez Pongiluppi
    David Ramos García | Jorge Caro Saiz
  • Mikeithoria: Magical Rebellion

    Mikeithoria: Magical Rebellion Play

    A game in the "danmaku" genre, which is a little like Space Invaders but Japanese style, with 2.5D graphics, a combination of 3D with 2D gameplay and which also brings new features to the genre.
    Felipe Augusto de | Javier Fernandez Moreno | Llibert Sans Lopez
  • Hoppy Jump

    Hoppy Jump Play

    Hoppy the Spring was happy until...... help!!!!!!!. Help Hoppy the spring out of this mess!!!! An addictive mobile game created by the amateur Lazarus Team! You'll love it.
    Claudi Lazaro Gil | Iris Lazaro Canet | Xavier Lazaro Cornax
  • The Lost Rupees VR

    The Lost Rupees VR Play

    A virtual reality game for Google Cardboard. Search for lost rupees in this immersive virtual world. You are the hero of this story - visit a mythical village now in 3D and use a nice character to pick up the rupees.
    Moisés Moreno Martín
  • Illusoria

    Illusoria Play

    llusoria tells the story of a boy, Randy, who appears in a strange world - a world full of menacing creatures bent on killing him.
    Ruben Barroso Heredia | Daniel García Nebrera
  • MiniWare

    MiniWare Play

    MiniWare is a game made by Unity which is a tribute to the Wario Ware games. It consists of 12 different minigames and you have to achieve the maximum score with only 4 lives. As your score increases, the game gets more difficult and faster.
    Aleix Pellisa Cortiella
  • Charity Rush

    Charity Rush Play

    Charity Rush is a game for Android platforms designed for charitable ends. When the game is released, all the profits from the ads displayed will be donated to Caritas, a charitable institution.
    Pau de la Torre Granados | Marc Arrufat Guiteras | Álex Jimenez Brotons
    Marc Llopart | Abel Simó Byra
  • Otem's Defiance

    Otem's Defiance Play

    A 3D bullet-hell in a circular setting. The player runs, jumps and dodges fire from enemies who fall down and attack from the centre of the scenario. To defend themselves, players collect spirit orbs which they can use to fire back.
    Adolfo José Roig Oviedo | Juan Luis Aller Rodriguez | Ricardo Andrés Zerpa Martín
    Elías Barroeta | Christian Castells
  • Run&Gun&Robots

    Run&Gun&Robots Play

    Run&Gun&Robots is a Run'NGun style FPS, inspired by Mirror's Edge and arcade games for smartphones. The object of the game is to take out as many robots as possible in a limited time without being destroyed by the enemy.
    Lei Ye
  • Gravithy

    Gravithy Play

    Gravithy is a puzzle game, where you change gravity so that the puzzles are made up of various simultaneously interacting objects, and you have to decide which are the best movements to make to go to the next level.
    Isaac Calvis | Marc Loscertales
  • Etherborn

    Etherborn Play

    In Etherborn, you are a mute character that has just been born into a world where a bodiless voice is awaiting your arrival. In this world, gravity adjusts to how you position yourself, allowing you to reach places that seemed inaccessible.
    Samuel Cohen Kellner | Carles Triviño Massó | Alexandra Escudero Pérez
    Koldo Iribarren Azcárate | Gabriel Garrido Garcia
  • Celuloid

    Celuloid Play

    An arcade game in which the goal is to help our cell to survive an attack of parasites. To do this you'll have to use some shields that cover the cell and rotate them to feed them with items that fall on the screen.
    Joel Tuneu Arroyo | Rubén Ibáñez Marcelo | Marcos Aguasanta González
  • NEC

    NEC Play

    A puzzle game for mobile devices where you have to place the ball on the portal to overcome levels by controlling the rotation of the scenario.
    Alexis Cosano Rodríguez | Ausiàs Dalmau Roig | Martí Pinós Melo
    Sergi Pérez Crespo | Guillem Muñoz Pueyo
  • Cannon Piracy

    Cannon Piracy Play

    In Cannon Piracy you have to defeat waves of enemies using your pirate's cannon. In order to win, you have to work on your aim and use the various types of bullets and special skills wisely.
    Chin Ho Ju | Dani Sintas Sanchez | Màrius Mora Bosch
    Giuseppe Sanseverino Valverde
  • Super Bloo

    Super Bloo Play

    Super Bloo is a 2D platform game produced with pixel art. It's a drop of water that can change its state from solid to liquid to gaseous, which each have different mechanics that have to be combined to win the game.
    Alejandro Román de Diego | Víctor Rodríguez Fernández | Raquel Carranza Arias
  • Voxel Tanks: Security Breach

    Voxel Tanks: Security Breach Play

    The project "Voxel Tanks: Security Breach" is a tank game combining action and puzzles. The player takes control of a virus (our tank) that has to destroy all the obstacles like firewalls and antivirus programs to complete various missions.
    Albert Carrión Díaz
  • Twin Gears

    Twin Gears Play

    In Twin Gears you have to take control of two nuts that have to overcome all kinds of obstacles that you come across during the game. Will you be able to achieve all the objectives while dealing with double gravity?
    Juan Carlos Martínez Laosa
  • VRunna

    VRunna Play

    VRunna is a runner game inspired by 'Temple Run', designed to be played in virtual reality in a atmosphere highly reminiscent of Snake Way in Dragon Ball.
    Arnau Bennassar Formenti | Sergi Cote Rojas
  • Marvin's Adventure

    Marvin's Adventure Play

    In the world of dragons the prime cause of mortality among its inhabitants is... springtime! Dragons are allergic to flowers, and every time they sneeze they burn everything. Help Marvin find his lost little sister in a dangerous world.
    Daniel Lorenzo Alvarez | Elisabet Delgado Mas | Diana Sánchez Donoso
    Marc Cormand Fernández
  • Way of Redemption

    Way of Redemption Play

    Way of Redemption is a perfect combination of arcade and sports games. It belongs to the MOSA genre (Multiplayer Online Sport Arena), and gives you countless games full of excitement, action and competitiveness.
    David Garcia Borras | Jorge Pedraza Jurado | Jacobo Coello Hernandez
    David de Leon Luis | David Boada Vejo
  • Biopatrol

    Biopatrol Play

    Travel around inside the human body and admire its grandeur from a microscopic point of view. Destroy infections and parasites with nanosurgical precision using the antibiotic laser or cannon.
    Gaizka Bertol Bayon | Unai Arce Garcia | Juan Anton Angulo
    Aitor Garcia Gilete | Rafael González Pérez
  • Tappy Tiki

    Tappy Tiki Play

    Climb the Great Totem and dodge all sorts of obstacles before the lava turns you into ashes! Tappy Tiki is not a runner in which the character automatically moves forward: this time, you are the staircase! Climb, dodge, pick up gems and survive.
    Andrés Ruiz Bernabeu | Enrique Santamaría Mollá
  • Polarity

    Polarity Play

    A single-player cooperative shoot 'em up in which two ships move forward simultaneously, destroying the enemies that stand in their way, shooting and using the destroyer ray that connects them when they are in reverse polarity.
    Daniel Castaño Estrella | David Chumilla Liccioli | Rubén Lozano Gómez
  • Star Whip

    Star Whip Play

    STAR WHIPER is a shoot 'em set in space with hints of Roguelike and MMO, where each level is different every time. The game focuses on co-operative competitive PVP multiplayer modes in which teams of one to four ships face each other.
    Julián Soria Pérez
  • Nude nights under deem cyan light

    Nude nights under deem cyan light Play

    This is a game of exploration and 3D puzzles set in a cyberpunk world. The game has a circular circuit, and at the end you wake up in my bedroom (I have reproduced my room as realistically as possible) and once there you can ...
    Arcadi Bages Amat
  • Mighty Mask

    Mighty Mask Play

    A twin-stick shooter for one or two players who guide the shamans of the "Tudu" tribe and have to retrieve the sacred "Mighty Mask", which has been taken by the evil Felonious Fatty and his unusual minions.
    Manuel Alfonso Díaz Sanguino | Marc Guinea Casas
  • Defender

    Defender Play

    Mobile game: Shoot down the missiles before they reach their target.
    Gaizka Bertol Bayon | Unai Arce Garcia | Juan Anton Angulo
    Aitor Garcia Gilete | Rafael González Pérez
  • Tiki Brawl

    Tiki Brawl Play

    Tiki Brawl is a competitive multiplayer 2D game in which up to 8 players represented by a members of a Tiki tribe must sacrifice the other players by throwing them into a pit in order to "feed" their god.
  • Shape Escape

    Shape Escape Play

    This is a game based on reflexes for mobiles and tablets. Players have to control a cube with their finger and guide it to avoid moving obstacles and the walls that surround the game scenario.
    Víctor Nectalí Fernández


    A story of humour and parody developed with a gameplay mixture of ARPG and Hack & Slash.
    Alejandro Guerrero Pérez
  • Ten Million Microns

    Ten Million Microns Play

    10Mu is a 2D platformer in which you have to overcome a great deal of obstacles in order to survive. Easy to understand but extremely difficult to master. Play alone or work with your friends.
    José Manuel Illescas Villanova | Pol Monforte Batiste | Anna Paredes
  • Best Veggies: the smart farm

    Best Veggies: the smart farm Play

    Best Veggies is a reworking of the classic minesweeper, making it more accessible for our modern lifestyle and today's Android devices. A puzzle for the whole family.
    Alejo Acevedo Civantos | Carlos Cornejo González | José Luís González Castro
    Nicolás Ibáñez Moreno
  • HIVE

    HIVE Play

    HIVE is a horizontal scrolling shooter with different game modes including Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Survival. Each player can choose from various heroes, weapons, upgrades, etc. Set in a hexagonal map with its own gravity.
    Marco Domingo Navarro | Adrian Virlan Sora | David Rodríguez Sánchez
  • Kart VR Simulator

    Kart VR Simulator Play

    A driving simulation game in virtual reality compatible with Android and in the future for PC with support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive (Steam VR).
    David Nombela Sánchez
  • Streamliner

    Streamliner Play

    Streamliner is a vertical POV shoot'em up that is very different to anything you have ever tried. A small plane must fight off an invasion of alien robots, but without using any missile - instead, trapping them in its wake.
    Rodrigo Pout Lezaun | Ángel Carrasco Caulín | Juan Luis Pout Lezaun
  • Tower Conquest

    Tower Conquest Play

    A game of strategy that will challenge you to test your skills on various levels. You'll have to defeat powerful enemies and conquer their towers to win!
    Daniel Roca
  • Bounceit

    Bounceit Play

    Dillo the armadillo wants to bounce! Press on the screen and place trampolines placed around the edge to help him keep bouncing and earn as many points as you can. Share with your friends and have fun beating each other's scores!
    Jhonathan Ibanez | David Ibanez
  • Silix Hunters

    Silix Hunters Play

    A cooperative space game: one player pilots the ship, while the other player is the gunner. They must defeat various waves of enemies to get the highest score.
    Ruben Acebal Rodríguez | Gerard Pros Figueras | Erich Navarro Bou
    Aleix Ramon Vidal | David Santacana Rubireta
  • Almost Human

    Almost Human Play

    A first person stealth action game. The hero is an elite soldier captured by the android army and modified to become their ally. He must use his biomechanical arm and stealth tactics to escape
    Alejandro Jiménez Encinas | Alejandro Vázquez Martínez | Raúl García Gaspar
    Roger Cadavieco | Jaume Galí Gómez