Final projects of the Master’s degree The Creation and Development of Videogames and Master’s degree Animation, Digital Art and Videogames

Video sumary of the project


    Érimos Project is a fast-paced hack-and-slash game that allows players to use the corpses of fallen enemies to enhance their character’s body. Explore the possibilities of your ever-changing arsenal by acquiring parasites from your enemies, enabling you to confront them. Race through retractable platforms, navigate past lasers, dodge enemy attacks, and make your way to freedom across two distinct levels that culminate in an epic boss encounter. Érimos is powered by the Hachiko engine, built by master’s students using cutting-edge technology.
    Vicenç Bosch Matas | Marius Dambean Partenie | Clàudia Escuder Peralba | Luis Eduardo Godoy Saavedra | Armando González Arias | Eduard Gállego Rodríguez | Bernat Güell Brocal | Joel Herraiz Marti | Isabel Augusta Lammens |
    Claudia Martín Mateu | Mónica Martín Mínguez | Bernat Martínez Gómez | Miquel Miró Rovira | Phan Minh Hieu Nguyen | Edward Regas-Duncan | Alvaro Soppelsa | İsmet Baran Sürücü | Eric Torres Perramon y Ehsan Ali Zareh.


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