Final projects of the Master’s degree The Creation and Development of Videogames and Master’s degree Animation, Digital Art and Videogames

Video sumary of the project


    Starfall Rebellion is an action-adventure game, set in the Star Wars universe, inspired by the Lego Star Wars games. Players can control two characters with unique abilities, navigating two immersive levels with Star Wars-inspired challenges. The grand finale features a formidable final boss with three challenging phases. Join Bix, a force-sensitive pirate, as she turns against a sinister galactic organization which she used to work for. Her quest for change leads to an unlikely alliance with Allura, a dedicated rebel.


    Jesús Miguel Adrián | Sandra Campaña González | Pablo Cebollada Hernández | Alexis Dieu | Marc Alcón Meliá | David Castro Salazar | Eric Dacal Sánchez | Marc González Moratona | Sara Izquierdo Elfau | Andrés Eduardo Machado Martínez | Pedro González-Anta Torrents- | Faura | Xavier Llubés Cano | David Martín Sala | Alejandro Matus Ovejero | Oriol Murcia Catalán | Gerard Queralt Ferré | Rodrigo Samayoa Morales | Diego Aarón Mejía Ramírez | Miguel Prieto Moliné | Oriol Sors Vidal


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