Jury for the third edition of the 3HMA

We already know whom the members of the jury that will be evaluating the finalist videogames of this year’s edition of the Three Headed Monkey Awards contest. Social Point. There will be 15 representatives from the main companies in the industries of videogames and digital art, young talents from emerging companies, professionals from the academia, and critics specialised in the sector, both national and international.

The names and surnames of the members of the jury for the 3rd edition of the Three Headed Monkey Awards videogame contest. Social Point are:

  1. José Cantos, Head of Product at Social Point.
  2. Pere Torrents, Co-Founder at GameBCN
  3. Ramón Nafria, CEO at ACOM.
  4. Marçal Argudo, Programmer at Ubisoft Montreal (Canadà).
  5. Oriol Boira, Game Designer at Club Super3
  6. Gina Tost, Radio and TV Host at Generació Digital and Televisió de Catalunya.
  7. Raúl Herrero, Production Director at Digital Legends.
  8. Álvaro Vázquez, Game Designer at Crytek (Alemanya)
  9. Samuel Molina, Game Designer at Bee Square.
  10. Kevin Cerdà, Game Designer at Tequila Works.
  11. David Fernández, Level Designer at Ustwo (Regne Unit).
  12. Ana Jiménez, Technical Artist at King.
  13. Carmen Jané, Co-Founder at Gadwoman
  14. Ricard Pillosu, Professor at Game Design and Development Program Degree at UPC.
  15. Jesús Alonso, Director at CITM-UPC.

In the following days, we will publish the list of the videogame finalists, who will participate in the following stages of the contest.

Good luck to all!

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