Second edition of the videogame contest Three Headed Monkey Awards. Social Point

All videogame, animation and digital art enthusiasts now have the opportunity to participate in the new and unique contest organized by the UPC School and Social Point, the Three Headed Monkey Awards.Social Point. This is a contest to reward the best amateur videogame projects. It is possible to participate individually or by groups of up to six people, in three categories: Best Videogame Award, Audience Award and UPC Award. There is €6,000 worth in prizes and the deadline to submit projects ends on February 26th 2014.

For the contest, finalized videogames containing a plot or a part of it completed. For example, with two levels or one level and a meeting with a boss. Participants shall submit a video with the main elements of the videogame and a document explaining the basic information of the videogame via the website

The contest starts on December 18th 2013 and projects may be submitted until February 14th 2014. After this date a voting period will start for the audience and a professional jury to select the most voted projects for the UPC Award and the Best Videogame Award. The Audience Award will be given to the project with the most votes from the audience.

The Three Headed Monkey Awards. Social Point

The contest Three Headed Monkey Awards. Social Point includes three independent categories. The Best Videogame Award, selected by a Jury, open to all participants and with a prize of €3,000: the Audience Award, for the project with the most votes from the audience, with a prize of €1,500; and last but not least, the UPC Award, which is for projects where at least half of a group’s members have studied at the UPC, the Fundació UPC or the UPC School. The total prize for this award is €1,500.